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We make so many flavors that we rotate them day by day and with ingredients permitting!

Remember, not everything you see below will be on our current menu!

Frequent flavors

(we try to have these out consistently)


a lemon water ice (gluten free/dairy free/vegan)

Cherry Bordeaux

a black cherry ice with bordeaux cherry pieces (gluten free/dairy free/vegan)

Sour Cherry

a sour cherry water ice (gluten free/dairy free/vegan)


a blueberry water ice (gluten free/dairy free/vegan)

Cotton Candy

a cotton candy water ice (gluten free/dairy free/vegan)


a tangerine water ice (gluten free/dairy free/vegan)

White Coconut

a white coconut milk water ice (gluten free/dairy free/vegan)

Toasted Coconut

a toasted coconut water ice with toasted coconut flakes (gluten free)


a honeydew water ice (gluten free/dairy free/vegan)


a watermelon water ice (gluten free/dairy free/vegan)

Gummi Bear

a lemon-pineapple water ice with gummy bears (gluten free/dairy free)

Black Raspberry

a black raspberry water ice (gluten free/dairy free/vegan)

Sour Apple

a sour apple water ice (gluten free/dairy free/vegan)


a mango water ice (gluten free/dairy free/vegan)


a bubblegum water ice (gluten free/dairy free/vegan)

Root Beer

a root beer water ice (gluten free/dairy free/vegan)


a passionfruit warer ice with passionfruit seeds (gluten free/dairy free/vegan)


a strawberry pureed water ice (gluten free/dairy free/vegan)

Piña Colada

a white coconut ice with pineapple chunks (gluten free/dairy free/vegan)


a pineapple pureed water ice (gluten free/dairy free/vegan)

Vanilla Chip

a vanilla cream ice with choc. chips (gluten free)

Mint Chip

a mint cream ice with choc. chips (gluten free)


a pistachio cream ice with pistachios and a touch of pineapple (gluten free)


a cocoa powder chocolate ice (gluten free/dairy free/vegan)

Birthday Cake

a vanilla cake cream ice with a chocolate cake, vanilla cake, and rainbow sprinkles

Cappuccino Crunch

a cappuccino brew cream ice with choc. chips, heath bar pieces, and crunch bar pieces

Cookies 'N' Cream

a vanilla cream ice with crushed oreos

Banana Cream Pie

a banana cream pie cream ice with vanilla oreos and choc. chips

Peanut Butter Crunch

a peanut butter water ice with reese's pieces, kit kats, butterfingers, choc. chips, peanut butter chips, and crunch bars (and more!)

Cookie Dough

a brown sugar cream ice with cookie dough chunks and choc. chips



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